Experience seamless and rapid dialing with our VICIdial hosting solutions.

Our VICIdial hosting encapsulates all the requisite features for your call center operations. VICIdial, renowned for its extensive monitoring capabilities and complete control over the calling process, is a highly versatile cloud-hosted dialer used globally.

At ICNETSERV, we provide hosting and support for VICIdial, ensuring our clients enjoy a smooth and error-free service. Using VICIdial allows you to leverage a well-structured call center suite equipped with essential features that drive productivity. Additionally, users have the flexibility to tailor the dialer interface to their specific requirements.

Our collaboration with the most secure data centers ensures that VICIdial hosting incorporates every security measure to shield your business communications from cyber threats such as viruses and malware.

What Factors Contribute to VICIdial's Versatility as a Dialer Solution?

Time Zone Customization:

VICIdial offers the flexibility to tailor the time zone settings, enabling you to schedule outbound calls at specific times as needed.

Call Recording:

Every call can be automatically recorded and stored in the database, offering the ability to retrieve and analyze these communications later for valuable business insights.

Multi Campaigns:

You have the capability to concurrently manage multiple campaigns, simultaneously tracking their progress and outcomes.

Anywhere Login:

With the convenience of an internet connection, agents have the flexibility to log in from any location, using either a phone or a web browser, ensuring seamless operations regardless of their physical location.

Call Monitor:

Users can monitor all ongoing calls, with managers having the added advantage of subtly directing agents through instructions using a feature called "whisper coaching".

Cost Effective:

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier services at affordable, cost-effective rates.

Speak with one of our agents today and allow ICNETSERV to personalize your predictive dialer to your specific needs.

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