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Experience seamless and rapid dialing with our VICIdial hosting solutions.

Our VICIdial hosting encapsulates all the requisite features for your call center operations. VICIdial, renowned for its extensive monitoring capabilities and complete control over the calling process, is a highly versatile cloud-hosted dialer used globally.

At ICNETSERV, we provide hosting and support for VICIdial, ensuring our clients enjoy a smooth and error-free service. Using VICIdial allows you to leverage a well-structured call center suite equipped with essential features that drive productivity. Additionally, users have the flexibility to tailor the dialer interface to their specific requirements.

Our collaboration with the most secure data centers ensures that VICIdial hosting incorporates every security measure to shield your business communications from cyber threats such as viruses and malware.

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Utilize our hosted PBX to enable seamless connections among your employees, promoting increased productivity through improved collaboration.

The era of relying on wired PBX systems to unite your employees on a single platform is behind us. Today, PBX technology has made a significant leap forward due to the advent of cloud technology. Cloud PBX represents an entirely new iteration of the PBX system, significantly surpassing traditional models.

PBX profoundly influences an organization's efficiency. By ensuring effective communication among employees, a company's productivity can notably increase. When communication is consistent and continuous, delivering exceptional customer service becomes highly probable, as the entire team operates in unison.

A hosted PBX is an effective solution to the daily communication challenges faced by an organization. It streamlines daily office tasks, proving its effectiveness in overcoming communication-related obstacles and enhancing operational efficiency.

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